Saturday, June 8, 2013

Battle and Scorpions Team Up For River City Charity Shield

San Antonio's Professional Soccer Clubs Come Together 

This season has provided an opportunity for the professional soccer scene in San Antonio to come together. The NASL's Scorpions and the BSL's Battle will face off on June 15th in the first ever River City Charity Shield match.  Proceeds from the match will benefit Morgan's Wonderland and youth soccer in San Antonio.

"We're ecstatic," said Alamo City management.  "This is a fantastic opportunity for this city to come out and share in something we all love and at the same time help our community.  Morgan's Wonderland is a fantastic endeavor that we fully support.  Our youth ?  There's nothing more important than that.  We hope to foster not only soccer with this partnership, but a sense of community.  And you know, if we can get bragging rights in the city we'll take that too."

A tongue in cheek and wink of an eye accompanied the last line of what is an otherwise heartfelt sentiment from the Alamo City Battle.  The ownership and players alike jumped on the opportunity when it came up.  In conjunction with the exhibition match the clubs will also be sponsoring a jointly run free youth clinic in the week leading up to the match.  

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