Wednesday, May 15, 2013

TRANSACTION - Week 12 - Major's Cup Qualifying Kicks Off and Founder's Cup Action Continues

Fresh Off Record Setting Performance - Alamo City Jumps Into Second Half of Season

----Pending league approval the Alamo City Battle Soccer Club releases Maicon Santons and signs Jacob Peterson (SKC).----

"This is what makes this league so competitive and so much damn fun," proclaimed Alamo City management at the post-game press conference.  "Yes, records are great.  They feel great and they're a badge of pride ... but they ain't putting hardware in the trophy case.  We feel good about it of course, but we've got a whole new set of issues to face now."

The records being referred to are as follows:
10 points scored is the highest ever in a BSL league match.
9 different players scoring is the most ever in a BSL league match.
13 points scored in the match ties the most ever in a BSL league match.

Unofficially the club broke it's own unofficial record for points scored as there were 2pts on the bench for a total of 12 points collected by Alamo City players (the two on the bench did not count in BSL play).

With all of that said and done, it was the practical implications that got the players attention.  Captain Theirry Henry pointed out that the biggest thing was remaining on top of the BSL table.  Will Johnson pointed out that the points scored moved the Battle into a favorable position with total points scored and average points scored.  Kenny Cooper added that taking control of the Founder's Cup standings helped widen the separation between Alamo City and other clubs.  Then there was veteran Jimmy Nielsen that pointed out the importance of the momentum the club has gathered in light of swoons in recent years at about this time frame.  All of those things become increasingly important as the 2nd half of the BSL season kicks off this evening.  That means Major's Cup Qualifying begins and the Alamo City Battle start the road to defending their 2012 Cup.  A new sense of pride and energy has the locker room popping with an energy that has been lacking in the past few seasons. 

The challenge falls to old foe Union SC to try and derail the freight train.  Many would look at this as a pressure packed showdown for the Battle.  They'd be wrong.  Dropping points to Union would be a blip on the radar in the overall scheme of the rivalry.  The law of averages will catch up at some point both in the season and in the ongoing series with the Blues.  It's inevitable.  At some point the results will go the other way.  That doesn't put pressure on Alamo City and it wouldn't represent a reversal of fortune.  However, the Battle are taking dead aim at keeping their foot firmly on Union's throat in this rivalry match up. 

Week 12 VS Union SC:

Will Johnson           
Andy Driver           
Jacob Peterson
Thierry Henry    
Adam Jahn        
Kenny Cooper     
Olmes Garcia     
Diego Fagundez   
Walter Martinez
Obafemi Martins  

Jimmy Nielsen      

Brandon Barklage
Giles Barnes 
Clint Irwin

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  1. Transaction approved.

    As long as you don't score 10 again, I have a chance.