Friday, April 12, 2013

The BSL Classic

Week 7 Brings Alamo City Face to Face With Arch Rival Capital District

Best defense in the league.

"Doesn't matter."

Top of the table.

"Doesn't matter."


"Doesn't matter."

Best start to a season in club history.

"Doesn't matter."

The pattern was clear just a few seconds into the Alamo City press conference on Friday evening.  There is much to celebrate in the early part of the season for the Battle, but really, it doesn't matter.  Every player up and down the roster uttered those same two words every time a point about their start to the season was brought up.  It simply doesn't matter because this week Capital District is the name on the schedule.  This is the BSL Classic.  Two founding members.  The original champions of the league.  You don't get roots deeper than that and you won't find a more tense rivalry in the BSL.  When you look at the numbers it is easy to see why absolutely nothing else matters to the Alamo City players.  7-1-3 in favor of Capital District with a -10 goal differential is what the series stands at going into the first leg.  All time, the Battle have been owned by their rival.  Sure, there's the storybook 2009 BSL Cup but that's all that Alamo City has to smile about when looking back on the rivalry.  Since then the revenge has come in spades and in a right twist of fate, has also cost Alamo City hardware.  This is as good has things have looked for Alamo City coming into  a match up with Capital District ... to which Battle Captain Theirry Henry replied:

"Doesn't matter."

What does matter, is finally gaining a foothold in this rivalry.  The Battle will take aim this weekend and hope to fire a shot that shakes this rivalry back to life.

Week 7 Lineup VS Capital District:

Kenny Cooper
Daigo Kobayashi
Giles Barnes
Andy Driver
Ben Speas
Thierry Henry (C)
Edgar Mejia
Dillon Powers
Maicon Santos

Clint Irwin

Andrea Pisanu
Obafemi Martins

Jimmy Nielsen

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