Monday, April 8, 2013

Battle Take Top of Table

3-2 Victory Has Battle Leading The BSL

Alamo City might have only put 3 points on the board, but they still managed to control the match from the opening whistle.  Jimmy Nielsen collected yet another clean sheet to lead the club to victory over Burud Town this past weekend.  Burud managed to claw back into the match but when Kenny Cooper and Michel combined on a score it was evident that it would be hard sledding to make up the deficit.  Luckily the management didn't have to worry about leaving Maicon Santos and his 2 goals on the bench this week.  While it wasn't expected, this is the type of thing that the club can't afford as the season moves on. Wasting points is never a good thing.  Now the Battle must gear up for the BSL Classic in an effort to try to start to turn around a very lopsided rivalry match up.

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  1. With the way my team as been playing this year, I don't think you have much to be worried about.