Monday, April 29, 2013

Battle Lose First Match of 2013

Complete Lack of Effort has Battle Hitting Reset Button

It started and ended well as Thierry Henry and Giles Barnes provided book end scores this weekend.  The problem, was that nobody bothered during the rest of the match.  Now, to be fair to the Alamo City players there was a bit of controversy surrounding what would have been a double score for the Battle.  In the DAL/VAN match, Michel placed a corner that Kenny Cooper appeared to head home.  The match officials ruled it an own goal by Vancouver though.  The complexion of the match changed from there.  It still wouldn't have been enough though, and the Battle players know that they were just flat.

"It happens," said team captain Theirry Henry.  "We've had 12 matches in a row unbeaten ... we've been on great form going back to last season.  We were due."  While Henry and the rest of the squad understand that eventually it all catches up, they were still disappointed to have it happen when it did.  The match, at home, against OC was a great opportunity to put a real stranglehold on the top of the table.  Instead, they sit tied for 2nd. 

Alliance is up next for a Battle team looking to 'reset' after the poor showing.

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