Monday, March 25, 2013

Four Score Once More

Spartans Fall to Alamo City

Another week, another 4-1 victory for the Alamo City Battle Soccer club.  A stark contrast to their last meeting with the Spartans, the result is becoming a familiar sight in the morning headlines on Monday.  "I dunno, it's just one of those things," stated an emotional Ben Speas after the match.  "As long as we're on the right end of it, every match can finish 4-1 for all I care.  The good news is that we're finding decent points and our main firepower has yet to get going this season."  

The new acquisition put his first MLS and BSL goal in the back of the net and the former teammate with the Crew and in college of the late Kirk Uso couldn't be happier.  Rightfully so, he was emotional during and after the match but his contribution highlights the main story for the Battle this season.  Thierry Henry has yet to produce, Patrice Bernier was the price for signing Obafemi Martins, Andrea Pisanu has played well but hasn't figured in on the score sheet yet, and Kenny Cooper has only hit for one point so far this season.  The rest of the lineup though, is carrying the club.  "That's the whole point really,"  stated Alamo City management.  "You need a deep roster capable of producing on any given match day.  You stars aren't always going to be on.  The entire lineup needs to be capable and right now ours is.  We drafted the way we did on purpose, and we've reacted to the initial flow of the season pretty well also."

The very bottom of the roster has been a rotating door so far but things look to be solidifying for the Battle.  Time will tell just how far the roster will take the club this season, but so far the Battle are enjoying things. 

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