Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Battle Defeat Defending BSL Champions

Alamo City Claim 2-1 Win in First Kick Match of Cup Champions

There were many blown chances and several goals that should have been for Alamo City, but in the end the Battle ended up on the right side of the scoreline.  New play-maker Daigo Kobayashi provided an assist and Jimmy Nielsen added a save point to tally the winning margin for Alamo City.

With the rest of the league exploding all over the scoreboard, Alamo City and Rose City were locked in a tense struggle.  "It was nip and tuck the entire way," said Thierry Henry.  "We had several chances, I had several chances, but the goals just didn't come.  We still played quite well though and found a way to take the three points.  Early in the season, facing the defending league champions this is what matters."  Henry wasn't alone in putting in a good performance.  Giles Barnes also flirted with a goal on several occasions and both Andrea Pisanu and Rafael Baca found themselves in the middle of a few scoring opportunities.

Regardless of how it was done, the win is big to open the season with.  Now Alamo City will gear up for Gold Coast who put three up on the board on opening weekend.