Sunday, January 27, 2013

Battle Seeking 2nd Round Picks

With negotiations hitting a wall with the other clubs in terms of player movement, the Alamo City Battle have sent word to the BSL Office that they are seeking 2nd Round Draft Picks.  This is both in line with their off season plan, as well as an attempt to kick start negotiations with clubs again.

"Obviously Thierry Henry was going to be in high demand.  It seems though, that nobody is willing to either accept the price to acquire him or admit what his true price is.  There is only one individual that accounted for more total points than Henry last year and he's already locked up with a DP slot by Union SC.  We've got the highest scoring proven product available but he's going to demand a premium price because he's the premium player out there.  We'll deal him if someone comes through with an offer that's acceptable.  Until then we'll continue to shop around and we'll continue to release news about what we're looking for.  On that note, players we're interested in include ...

Federico Higuain
Landon Donovan
Chris Rolfe
Robbie Keane
Will Bruin
Sherjill McDonald
Omar Cummings
Brad Davis

... and now we've put it out there."


  1. What could you offer for the first pick of the second round? I'm willing to work out some sort of package deal.

  2. Hassli

    Blas Perez

    Felipe Martins

    Those are the players I'd be willing to deal with for that slot. What kind of package are you looking at ?

  3. Davis and a third round pick for Henry.

    1. What about Felipe Martins, Blas Perez, or Eric Hassli for your 2nd round pick ?

      - AC

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  5. I can do EJ for 2nd rounder. Confirm?