Saturday, June 16, 2012

Break Over - Lucky 13 Sees KC Quest Come to Town

BSL Season Gets Going After Two Week Break - Battle Still Face Issues

Usually a two week break is welcome when a team is facing big issues. For the Alamo City Battle the International Break in the BSL Season has been both a blessing and just more of the same. The biggest issue for the Battle was the absence of Theirry Henry. While the club's talisman got back on the field over the break the time off was more harmful than good. Henry will face another two matches on the sideline as a calf injury was aggravated while training during the extended time off. One of the club's other main targets, Eric Hassli, is facing serious issues with keeping his starting place in Vancouver. With the big turnover at the club before the break the team hasn't had much time to gel and get used to the new faces. Will the club be able to work through it and keep moving forward ?

In player movement news, the Battle have released Justin Meram and once again added Kelyn Rowe to the roster.

Week 13 Roster:
Kris Boyd
Blas Perez
Eddie Johnson
Kelyn Rowe
Nick DeLeon
Branko Boskovic
Felip Martins
Miller Bolanos

Kevin Hartman

Eric Hassli
Kamani Hill
Thierry Henry

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