Tuesday, April 24, 2012

... and Take it They Did

Worst Performance of Season Sees Alamo City Drop First Match 

Second City came to play.  At the end of the match there was a familiar 6 on the scoreboard.  It just wasn't on the Battle's end of things.  Only mustering 2 points after averaging over 5 for the first several matches of the season, the Alamo City offense simply went dry.  It wasn't all on the offense though.  Kevin Hartman was a late scratch but the ACSC couldn't do anything about it as Michael Gspurning was on an off week.  This left the Battle with no keeper and little hope of keeping Second City at bay.

"It was just one of those weeks.  Hartman scratched late, Hassli the victim of a manager tinkering with the lineup, both Michael and Eddie on an off week ... the whole thing just stunk from the get go.  In the end, we played up to that stink.  We need to shake it off and let it go.  It's still a long season and this week we've got some business to take care of with an old friend ..."

That's right fans, Week 8 of the BSL Season brings us the first leg of the BSL Classic.  The story is well noted. They're founding members, the first ever champions (Honors Trophy for CD, BSL Cup for Alamo), and natural rivals.  It's historically one sided with the advantage to Capital District.  The feather in the cap for Alamo City ?  Well, it's a doozy.  It's the Inaugural BSL Cup Final.  When your one, is that big, it keeps a rivalry alive.  "No buts about it though, it's time to start winning matches against CD ... NOW."

Week 8 Lineup:

Thierry Henry
Blas Perez
Nick DeLeon
Kris Boyd
Jaime Castrillon
Kelyn Rowe
Reggie Lambe
Eddie Johnson

Kevin Hartman

Eric Hassli
Milovan Mirosevic
Michael Gspurning


  1. Hey. Would you be up for offering some friendly advice? I feel like I'm missing just a touch of offensive capability and can't come up with where to find it.

  2. Nice write up. Love the part ... "the only win is a doozy. its the BSL Cup Final"........ made me laugh

  3. Rose City - I replied via email ... did you get it ?

    Gateway - Thanks, gotta do something to keep it alive when you've been trounced like he's done to me.

    - AC