Sunday, March 25, 2012

Opening Round of Founder's Cup a Success for Alamo City

Dominance of Union Continues

First match of the Founder's Cup, first match at home this season, and the Battle delivered in a big way. The pressure that the fans and the management have put on the team to perform weighs heavy, but the pressure is welcome because that's how superstar's perform. In week 3 of the BSL season, the biggest superstar of them all did just that.

"Oh he was brilliant. He was a hair away from taking Clint Mathis out of the record books. He was unlucky to only walk away with 2. He easily could have had 5 or more. Oh, and he still managed to set up another for someone else. He was simply phenomenal. This is why he's here, this is why he's the talisman, and this is why he's Theirry Henry and everyone else isn't."

Simply put, his performance on Sunday afternoon secured Alamo City yet another win over Union SC. The Battle have had their number historically. For some reason, the club out in California brings out the best in Alamo City. It isn't ever easy though. Michael Gspurning got things going with his first ever clean sheet in the league. That lead was short lived though as Wondolowski provided Union with a brace to snatch the lead. Putting his first goal onto the score sheet this season, Milovan Mirosevic evened things up only to see Marco Pappa take it right back for Union. That's when Henry took over. His two goals and assist put a choke hold on the match before Castrillon tacked on the insurance. As has been the case so far this season, the Battle are getting scoring from all over the lineup. That's the key, and that's what is going to make or break Alamo City this season.


  1. Maybe we should have an UNBALANCED schedule so I don't have to play you every year. LOL. Thought I had you in this one. Watching RB game was tough.

  2. I actually came home from my own match today and watched the DVR ... I jumped out of my seat a few times. I dunno what it is about you and I, it's the exact opposite of myself and CD so I know how it goes.

    There's always that one club that seems to dig you every time know matter what. It's just really weird. I just hope that when you do snatch another one, it doesn't wreck a playoff push .... again ... sheesh.

  3. Founders Cup is going to get very heated I think in the later weeks.