Sunday, May 8, 2011

Big Win - Big News

Battle Get Win But Huge Change Rolls Through Club

- San Antonio

The good news for Alamo City is that they were able to grind out the win against the PN Rangers. Behind Rimando, Folan, and Thierry Henry the Battle coasted to a 3-0 win to once again even up their record for the year (4-4-0). The win puts Alamo City just 1pt off a playoff position.

The other news this week though, has sent shockwaves through the BSL. In what was a much deliberated decision, the Alamo City Football Club released the first pick in the 2011 BSL Draft - Juan Pablo Angel.

"I do not blame the club, I do not feel anger towards them. Alamo City has treated me well and has given me every opportunity to lead this clubs. I am not angry at anyone but myself. I didn't give the club what they needed. I just have not produced the points I'm supposed too. The club has done what they need to do. The young man they've signed is a huge prospect and is someone that looks to have a very bright future for the club and in the Bigtime League. I thank Alamo City for the trust they gave me and the professionalism they showed towards me. I just wish I could have given them, on the field, what they deserved."

The respect between both sides was obvious as both sides had nothing but good things to say about the other and time that Angel played with the club. It was clear though, that both sides were hurt that it just didn't work out.

"You never feel good when you have to let someone like JPA go. The man is a true professional on and off the field. He's been nothing but class and has represented himself and Alamo City pride and dignity. We simply came to a point that a decision had to be made for the best for both sides. It was clear it wasn't working out. For whatever reason JPA and ACFC just haven't clicked. Juan Pablo can't afford to just tread water with his career and we can't afford to delay any decision to make this club better going forward. I'm certainly not implying that letting him go makes us better, but the results on the field are what they are. Cristian Nazarit is a highly rated young man and has already played and performed in big time environments. Moving forward he brings a hell of a lot to the table and could help solidify the future of Alamo City. No, it doesn't feel good and quite frankly it sucks that his addition is at the expense of Angel. We've been here before though, and this is why the players in this league respect us. We always do what is best for the club and the players. Omar Cummings, Kasey Keller ... yeah we've walked this route before."


  1. Maybe because I've been burned too many times on these new arrivals, a lot of hype and then they crash and burn, but I think I'd have kept JAP. But I understand you're reasoning behind the move. Just wish I could've gotten my man back.

  2. Wow! Nice photoshop. Good luck on this player move.

  3. I hear ya .... I just can't afford to have him continue to flounder. I'm outright losing matches this year that I was able to scrape points off of last year.

    I'm hoping this kid is going to be around a while much like Castillo in Dallas.

    Thanks Gateway ... on both accounts.

  4. If he works out, I think Marco Pappa's stock goes up too. So CDG might benefit from this.