Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Thank You Jack

Jack Harrison Moves Back Home


Sometimes the sport is hard.  You get a great young talent and see him prosper.  He raises your club and carves out a shining profile for himself ... but the down side is that more and more opportunities open up for the young rising star.  For the kid from Stoke, that's exactly what happened.  Coming straight out of the draft, Jack Harrison immediately made an impact for the Alamo City Soccer Club.  As a rookie he over-performed and was an instant starting fixture.  In just his second season he helped lead the surge that saw Alamo City look like their former selves and find themselves playing for hardware again.  Now though, the kid has earned a bigger calling.  The parent club, Man City, has bought Harrison and is taking him back to England.

Congrats Jack. 

Monday, January 29, 2018

Rivals Deal - Battle Land 2nd DP for 2018

Galaxy Star Will Do BATTLE in 2018


They're the two most successful clubs in the history of the BSL.  They're storied rivals.  They've also got the utmost respect for one another.  Alamo City and Capital District have lined the record books since the BSL began and heading into the 10th year of the league neither appear to be letting up.  This week the two added to the story line by agreeing to a blockbuster deal.  On the heels of Alamo's deal with Gateway United, the Battle have shipped the 2nd round draft pick they obtained from GU over to Capital District in exchange for Romain Alessandrini.  The Frenchman enjoyed a spectacular debut season in America and there's no reason to believe he won't build on his phenomenal start.  

2018 ACSC Roster:

Sebastian Blanco (DP)
Romain Alessandrini (DP)
Victor Rodriguez (ReEn)

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Player Announcement

Alamo City Brings Back Blanco and Swaps Victors

- San Antonio

The Alamo City Soccer Club has announced today that they have signed Sebastian Blanco for the 2018 season.  The highly sought after Argentine saw the Battle trade up in the draft when he announced he was coming stateside last season.  While he took some adjusting and found the style at POR different than what he was used to, Blanco did provide the dynamic ability that Alamo City was hoping to catch with his signing.  With a year in the league under his belt, the Battle are going all in on the #10.

Also suiting up for the Battle will be Victor ... Rodriguez.  In what some may consider a surprise, Alamo City shipped off their leading scorer (Victor Vazquez) to Gateway United with fellow Spaniard Rodriguez coming the other way.  The move also sees Gateway sending their 2nd round pick to Alamo City with the Battle's 4th round pick going back to GU.  When asked about the deal the answer was one word.  "Upside" ... which we can only speculate means that the club is looking at Rodriguez having gone through the acclimatization to the league last season giving him the best potential to excel this season.  In addition another 2nd round pick will give Alamo City a shot at hitting a home run in what is shaping up to be a very deep draft.

Alamo City is still open to negotiations for the players that remain under their rights until the player deadline.

DP - Sebastian Blanco
ReEn - Victor Rodriguez

Saturday, January 6, 2018

2018 Alamo City Kits

The Alamo City Soccer Club has released the 2018 Home and Away Kits and immediately the changes are striking.  While the blue tone stays, the white is now accented by an old gold to create a completely new look for the club.  Also gone is the badge.  A brand new crest adorns the kits as the club has transitioned to a marker more aligned with traditionally world recognized clubs.  Entering the 10th year of both their and the league's existence, Alamo City decided the time was right to make the change.