Monday, February 29, 2016

First Roster Move of the Season

Officially Signed, Goossens Joins the Battle

- San Antonio

"We had our eye on him in the draft," stated Battle Head Coach GBS.  "We've gone out on a limb before with players on trial and we've had mixed results.  We really liked John, but we had to be sure he was going to officially sign before we pulled the trigger.  It just happened after the draft is all."

To make way for Goossens, Alamo City has released 11th round selection Pedro Ribiero.  "It's a shame because we really like Pedro.  John was on our radar and we were hoping he'd have signed before the draft was over.  We may not have selected Pedro if he was available.  This is a move that, in conjunction with Pedro's being utilized more in a mid field role as opposed to a forward so far this pre-season, we feel better rounds out our club."   

Sunday, February 28, 2016

2016 Kits & Scarf

At a breakfast event early this morning the Alamo City Soccer Club released the 2016 kits and scarf to Season Ticket Holders.  The club has set a distinct template for their kits going along with the crest redesign that has debuted this season.  Along with the three main kits the club also has a kit specially for the Majors Cup as well as a pre-match top that will be made available for fans.  The fans at the event also were privy to the players walking around handing out the 2016 scarves to those in attendance.

Friday, February 26, 2016

BSL Draft Review - The Competition Edition

Alamo City SC Front Office Breaks Down the Rest of the League

- San Antonio

"Of course we're impressed with some of the overall drafts and individual picks from other clubs," stated Alamo City SC head coach Guillermo Barros Schellotto.  "There are a couple of other FO's that think in a similar way as we do and value the same types of things in players.  Others have proven to be quite adept at finding value throughout the draft."  When asked about specifics this is what GBS had to say:

Team by Team Thoughts:
Union SC: Tricky.  Lots of question marks but huge upside if it all works out.
Capital District: Very strong on paper, better hope NY teams don't fall flat.
Gateway United: Solid core, will be tough, questionable depth.
Cumberland: If this is the year of the breakout star they'll run away with the league.
SC Canada: No middle ground, all or nothing.  Experienced players will make or break them.
Insulani Hawaii: Top heavy.  Depth could keep them down.
Gold Coast FC: Might be most level roster.  Points can come from anywhere.
Orange County: Lots of supporting players, could end up being very sneaky.
Spartans: Did very well with draft position, playing time might hurt the roster though.

Best Steals:
Innocent (Gold Coast - RD 12)
Waylon Francis (CD - RD 11)
Diskerud (Gateway - RD 10)
Pappa (SC Canada - RD 8)

"These guys have the potential to lead a team or be the secret weapon.  Innocent played well but had an unfortunate injury.  He was brought in for a reason and we see no reason he can't live up to what brought him to the league.  12th round?  Amazing upside.  Francis gets forward and is an amazing crosser of the ball.  He was on our radar and we were hoping he'd slip through undrafted.  Diskerud is clearly better than what he played last year.  No more growing pains for the club and with a set style and attack he should be much closer to the caliber of player he really is.  Pappa is a guy we wanted later in the draft.  He'll be given the opportunity to be a true 10 where he's best suited."

Biggest Reaches:
Gerrard (1st overall pick - SC Canada)
McInnerney (RD 4 - Spartans)
Gordon (RD 5 - Hawaii)
Watson (RD 7 - Cumberland)

"They just don't make sense to us.  Taking Gerrard 1st overall is head scratching.  There is so much more potential with so many other LA players and with the whole available pool open you take a guy that has as many questions as one can have on them?  Very, very odd.  McInnerney is a stretch not because of talent but because of opportunity this year.  He'll mainly be used due to fixture congestion.  He won't be getting the regular season minutes you'd think.  Porter also takes his time to mold players.  He'll be perfect in a year or two if it all works out.  Alan Gordon scores, yes.  He'll be even more of a fixture congestion option than McInnerney will be.  With so much left out there to choose from he just doesn't make sense in the earlier rounds.  A straight defender being taken this early raises the eyebrows.  Don't mistake me, he's fantastic.  Compared to the more proven and more likely to put up numbers options on the board though, there's no reason to hope a defender has another great year with SOG's."

Favorite Picks:
Veron (RD 1 - Union)
Urruti (RD 2 - Orange County)
Shipp (RD 3 - CD)
Melano (RD 4 - Union)

"All of these guys were on our board and we thought every single one of them would land a round or two lower than they did.  Veron could be the breakout player of the year.  We LOVE this guy but seriously didn't imagine him being in play until round three at the earliest.  Urruti went a round earlier than we expected.  We'd hoped to have snagged him in the third as he SHOULD fit in very well with Dallas and seems to fit much better there.  We think he's going to have a fine year.  Shipp going in the third was a small surprise.  We knew someone was likely to pull the trigger before us, but we thought our margin for error on him was bigger than this.  He'll be one to watch.  Melano was one of the few guys we hoped to snatch with a sneaky lower mid round pick.  Despite playing and showing very well he'd managed to stay pretty low profile.  We were hoping that'd pay off with him being overlooked."

That Moment You Flipped the War Room Table:
Yura Movsisyan (RD 1 - Gateway)

"We seriously threw things in the war room.  Straight off the top, and directly before us our number one target was taken.  We were livid and are still steaming a bit.  We even tried to deal to move up just one slot because we knew.  When the pick came in ... everything went red."

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Freedom Cup Tickets On Sale

Texas and Oklahoma Battle 

This season the Freedom Cup will feature a completely different set up.  With the ever changing landscape of soccer in the United States, Alamo City has decided to feature the clubs that will be forging the future of the sport in this country.  As the San Antonio Scorpions ceased operations a new brother club was born in San Antonio.  SAFC has taken the place of the Scorpions and will be joined by the brand new Rio Grande Valley FC in helping Alamo City SC make up the Texas side of the Freedom Cup.  The Scorpions will have a lasting legacy in this season's Freedom Cup though as former SSC Head Coach Alen Marcina and fan favorite playmaker Billy Forbes will lead Rayo OKC and their Oklahoma brothers Energy FC and Tulsa Roughnecks FC into battle with the Texas clubs.

"Its a unique opportunity and we couldn't pass it up.  We're constantly evaluating things and this season we simply felt this was the best way to go for this competition."

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Founders Cup Tickets On Sale

Bigtime Soccer League Originals Do Battle

With the full BSL schedule out the Alamo City Soccer Club has begun putting together ticket packages for Battle fans.  The fight begins for the Alamo City in week three as Union SC comes to San Antonio.  As the schedule shows, the Founders Cup matches have been spread throughout the entire regular season.  Fans will be able to select full cup packages, first or second leg packages, home and away packages, or select opponent packages.

Rivals Renew 

Alamo City and Capital District will once again battle it out in the BSL Classic.  The two winningest and most decorated clubs in the league's history will fight for supremacy as they both try to add to their trophy cabinets.  As the defending Classic champion, Alamo City will have the advantage of having the second leg played at home.  The away goals rule will be in effect.  Special pricing available for the second leg if purchased in conjunction with other select packages.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Battle Suffer First Loss of Season ... Before It Starts

Club Captain Sells Soul to China

- San Antonio  He was brought in to carry the torch from the legend.  Obafemi Martins came to San Antonio and set the league on fire.  He took the torch and ran with it when Theirry Henry retired.  On Sunday morning the club learned, via Twitter, that Martins was headed to China.  No call, note, or anything resembling communication.  Hell, not even a text from his agent.  "To say we are shocked is not even close.  We're pissed.  As stand up as he has been in his time here in San Antonio, and for everything he's done for this club ... to just up and leave in the middle of the night without even giving us the respect of letting us know he was leaving?  That shows the true character of Obafemi Martins."

The Battle FO scrambled in the wake of the news as the club was suddenly left with an open Designated Player slot.  An emergency meeting was called and it was decided to name a new DP rather than try to shop around the DP slot so close to the pre-draft trade deadline.

Adam Kwarasey will take the 3rd DP slot that was vacated by Obafemi Martins.