Wednesday, March 30, 2011

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Another Roster Move - Players Return to Boost ACSC Attack

- San Antonio

"We've got some fleshing out to do, that's for sure. The top of our lineup is solid like it always has been. We need depth though." Alamo City management directly addressed the issue at hand as their recent slew of roster moves included yet another swapping of players. This time it was Ilija Stolica that found himself on the chopping block, making way for Rajko Lekic. Lekic replaces Stolica on both the New England and Alamo City rosters. "He hasn't seen the field despite his great showing at the end of last year. It doesn't make sense but we don't have the time to sit back and wait for New England to figure it out. The move they made to acquire Lekic shows that it's more than just writing on the wall for Stolica. We felt the best thing to do would be to make the lateral move along with them."

It's already been a roller coaster for the bottom of the Alamo City roster and at least for the moment, things appear to be continuing the ride. Alamo City will have to hope that the top of the lineup can produce as there will only be one available sub this week. Lekic is at least a week away from being available, Hassli is sitting out, and both Rimando and Alvarez are on CCL duty this week. The lineup for the third BSL match will be as follows:

Sunday, March 27, 2011

History Repeats Itself

Alamo City Falls to Burud Town

- San Antonio

"We just can't figure them out," was the quote from Alamo City management after yet another defeat at the hands of Burud Town. "To say they've got our number doesn't come close. Not only are we unable to beat them, they pour it on us every time. It's to the point of being ridiculous. We've got some kind of mental block when it comes to these guys and it just seems that everything negative comes to a head and rears itself when we play these guys. Something has got to give ... you'd think."

The Alamo City Battle players couldn't do anything more than shrug their shoulders and shake their heads after the match. While Juan Pablo Angel opened his 2011 scoring account, that was the lone bright spot for the Battle. Everything else was just bad. It started the day before the match when Henry reported he wouldn't be ready and it carried over to game time when Hassli racked up two yellows and was sent off. That brought in Burud's first sub, and Araujo took advantage by putting up two points to seal the match.

The fourth consecutive loss to Burud sent Alamo City management looking for some answers. A somewhat surprising move saw Baggio Husidic released and Javier Martina (TOR) signed on in his place. After the match another roster move was announced. Daniel Paladini was dropped in favor of fellow CHI teammate Michael Videira. Alamo City is hoping to flesh out its roster much earlier this season so as to avoid the hole it dug itself at the start of 2010.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

History is the Key Word for Alamo City

Nemisis of Montgomery County Aims to Continue Trend Against Alamo City

- San Antonio

The theme for Alamo City this season is history. The history of the ownership, team name, accomplishments, records, etc etc. Now, in only the second full week of the 2011 BSL season, Alamo City already finds itself facing a problem that has historically given the ownership fits. That problem is the Week 2 opponent, Burud Town.

To be quite frank, that history is ugly. Burud Town, to put it bluntly, owned, Montgomery County. The all time record ? 0-0-3. Burud Town leads the scoring tally at a 2:1 rate with a 14-7 total. The biggest sting though ? The final match of the 2010 season saw Burud Town erase a 5-3 deficit to win 7-5. That win ended Montgomery's 2nd half streak and also kept Montgomery County from the BSL Playoffs. "Of all the teams in the league, these are the guys we need to send a message too. Union, Gateway, CD ... sure we've got our rivalries with them but it's Burud Town that we have to beat."

Certainly Week 2 of the season isn't "do or die" or "must win" but sometimes there are special cases that make early season games a little bit more important than they either would, or should be. This is one of them. Alamo City had their feel good moment last weekend during the 2011 BSL First Kick. The Battle put in 4pts with scoring left over on the bench and debuted the newly re-christened club by being the only BSL team to shut out its opponent on Opening Day. All of that is set to the side now as Alamo City must calm down and get focused on the long season ahead. History is the key word for this franchise and right now it is staring ACSC square in the face. The Battle travels to Burud Town with one goal in mind. Reverse the one piece of overbearing history that the club has as a black mark on its resume. "Everything else about us shows the Championship level club that we are. How we play is a big part of who we are. Look at the record books of the BSL. We're the hardest club to beat yet it's been rather easy for Burud. That simply has to change if we're going to accomplish what we've set out to do this season."

Monday, March 21, 2011

Alamo City SC Takes First Kick 2011

Re-branded, Renewed, Right Where They Left Off

- San Antonio

On the road and facing expectations that most clubs simply can't handle, the Alamo City Battle showed why they are a club that the BSL owners just don't want to have to contend with. Essentially throwing 3 points away isn't how you win games or championships. That didn't even slow down Alamo City. Behind the MLS and BSL's leading shot stopper, the Battle took their 2011 First Kick match against Hillcrest United 4-0. The questionable draft by the league newcomer didn't show anything during the first match. While it may ultimately pan out by the end of the season, Alamo City was able to take advantage to overcome their own mistakes.

"It isn't often you can toss out 3 points and get away with it. Keller made a great save on a Thierry Henry PK and we didn't even start Eric Hassli due to fitness concerns. Whoops. Sure, we can laugh a little this time but this is the kind of decision making and types of errors a Championship Club can't afford to make too many times. We got away with it this time but this isn't a habit we need to get into."

Alamo City management will probably like it though if Kei Kamara gets in the habit of contributing 2 points each match. As many of the owners pointed out, the selection of Kamara was an excellent move by the Alamo City brass. His performance during First Kick showed that the popular opinion on him might be the right one. The Battle will miss him though as he leads Sierre Leone in Africa Cup of Nations competition in the upcoming game week. Arturo Alvarez will also be out of the squad as he joins El Salvador for international duty. That isn't the big player movement to come out of Alamo City camp though. That falls on the abrupt departure of Blaise Nkufo just an hour before the season kicked off. "It was a shock to everyone honestly. We're still not sure exactly what the root of the issue is, but we couldn't afford to hold on to him. We're shocked and wish he could be a part of Alamo City but it just wasn't meant to be." Daniel Paladini (CHI) was picked up to replace Nkufo on the roster. Alamo City also released Joseph Ngwenya and signed Ellis McLoughlin (SJ). "One week in and we're already shaking up the roster. Sometimes these things happen and you've got to roll with it no matter how much you may not want too. We'll adjust and we'll move on. We have too."

Alamo City 4-0 Hillcrest United:

Kei Kamara - 2 Assists
Nick Rimando - Clean Sheet, 8 Saves

Sunday, March 13, 2011

First Kick - Hillcrest United

Alamo City Set to Take on the BSL in 2011

- San Antonio

The line up is set, the training is done, the prep work is finished, and everything else is set for First Kick 2011. When Alamo City kicks off against Hillcrest the transformation from Montgomery County will be complete. Well, it will be complete in a logistical sense. Sure, it will take a little time for the Alamo City Battle to completely set their own image and define themselves moving forward. The residual feelings from the fan base in Montgomery County won't forget anytime soon, nor will they be forgotten anytime soon. That was evident when Alamo City announced a special kit in honor of its past as MCFC that the club will wear in the (newly re-christened) BSL Classic against Capital District. The fans of the club reciprocated with their embracing of the club's history as they have apparently dedicated a 1,000 seat section of the new stadium to the "Knights of Montgomery." This supporters group was founded by and is specifically for supporters of MCFC from around the country that have chosen to make the transition with the club.

"Our fans, our management, and our players are all first rate. We are involved with the most beautiful game in the world and our goal, outside of winning on the pitch, is to create an environment, feeling, and attitude about our club that represents the game that we love so much," said Alamo City operator David. He went on to say,"We were fortunate in MCFC to have struck gold with a fan base that is as fevered and rabid about the game is anywhere in the world. How we managed to have the good fortune to have that happen twice is beyond me. The supporters have more than done their job already this season. They understood the move and have embraced the unique opportunity to share something with other supporters. They've united, stood up, and backed us from day one of the transition. Now it's up to us to give them the results they deserve."

Hopefully those results will start with the 2011 First Kick match against Hillcrest United. Most people aren't very sure about the draft that Hillcrest had. Alamo City management isn't falling for it. "Sure, on paper you look over the names and kind of scratch your head a little bit. But, if you looked at us on paper last year you scratched your head at the standings. Until the final whistle of each match sounds and we're staring up at a scoreboard that favors our side we aren't going to count on anything. We learned and grew a whole heck of a lot last year. Just look at our 'tale of two seasons' so to speak. For the life of us we couldn't get it right in the first half. Come the second half of the season though we were the hottest team in the league. Crazy things happen in this game and in this league. Our goal, is to keep ourselves out of that mess by taking care of business."

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Alamo City Kits Available

With the BSL Draft complete and the Alamo City initial roster set our partners at the Fox Soccer Shop will begin selling the 2011 Replica Kits. Both are priced at 89.99$ and are available in short and long sleeve. More merchandise is on the way so keep your eyes open for announcements.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Keller and Alamo City Come Full Circle

GK Taken in 11th Round to Complete Draft

- San Antonio

"Inexplicable. 110 selections in and Kasey Keller is still sitting there waiting to be taken. We couldn't believe it." As the Alamo City management crunched the stats and combed over countless scenarios for a number of players, it was the least involved decision that proved to be the final selection for the Alamo City Battle Soccer Club in the 2011 BSL Draft. The man that had secured the club's and BSL's (as Montgomery County) Inaugural Cup Title and helped lead the 2nd half surge that almost landed a playoff spot last year was staring them straight in the face. "We actually had to double check with the Commish to make sure we weren't mistaken."

They were not and a very, very valuable addition was made to the club with the final selection it held in the 2011 BSL Draft. In a season in which International Play will affect the schedule on a bigger scale, having two GKs may prove to be the deciding factor in more than one match this season. Alamo City has not only managed to nab two quality keepers, but they've managed to nab two top flight, first rate keepers. "When last season ended we sat down with Kasey and both sides were comfortable and agreed on the situation going forward. The decisions we made had absolutely nothing to do with whether or not we wanted Kasey back. It also had nothing to do with whether or not he wanted to be back. It just didn't look like we were going to be able to make it happen. But, much to our surprise things worked out after. We're overjoyed to have Kasey back and it is only fitting that he helps us make the transition to Texas.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Freedom Cup

Alamo City Announces Friendly Competition With Russian Giants

- San Antonio

Freedom. For several generations it was the same struggle, but the two world powers had different faces in it. Russia and the United States were at the forefront of different views on the same ideals. In the late 1980's the two world powers came together and ended the Cold War. Since that day Russia and the United States have been united on the global front. From the brink of a 3rd World War to forging together into the future as Allied Powers. Now, the two countries come together on the world stage once again. This time it is a celebration of the mutual ideal that has helped the two countries come together. Freedom.

Russian powerhouses CSKA Moscova and Zenit St Petersburg will join Alamo City for the Inaugural Freedom Cup. Scheduled during the BSL bye weeks in its schedule, Alamo City will play both Zenit and CSKA. The Cup will be determined using a Round Robin format. Only the August 6th meeting between Zenit and CSKA will be counted towards the Cup.

"In order to be the best soccer club in the world you've got to play ... and beat the best soccer clubs in the world. We've come together with the two best that Russia has to offer. CSKA has only seen one year in the last 8 outside of the top two in the Russian Premier League. In that time they've won the title three times. They virtually own the Russian Cup and they have a UEFA Cup title to their credit in 2005. Then you've got Zenit. They're fresh off the Russian Premier League double (league/cup) and they bagged the UEFA Cup and Supercup in 2008. We're talking about two of the hottest clubs in the world and we've partnered with them to help create a new competition to help continue the joint effort that our home countries have been building on for the last two decades."

5/25 - Alamo City VS CSKA Moskova
7/20 - Zenit VS Alamo City
8/6 - Zenit VS CSKA Moskova

MLS DP Signs - Possible Hidden Gem Added

Champion's League Veteran and Superstar Hopeful Join the Battle

- San Antinio

"We demand a certain level of play here, and our draft picks reflect that. Simply because we've come to the late stages of the draft doesn't mean we're going to draft accordingly. Rather, we will stick to our strategy and stick with selecting players that can and are expected to play at high levels. The contributions of the players we're picking now are expected to be first rate. I don't care what round you were selected in. When you're drafted by the Alamo City management, you're drafted to be the best ... period."

That was the preface to the announcement of the selections of the 9th and 10th round players for Alamo City. The 9th round selection could literally be a bombshell. Eric Hassli (FC Zurich) was announced as the Vancouver Whitecaps' designated player just hours before Alamo City was to make their 9th round pick. "We couldn't possibly let an opportunity like this pass us by. Certainly there is no promise of results, but there aren't many men that boast the resume that Hassli does, let alone at the level that he does." Alamo City management see the potential for big things for Hassli. Playing at FC Zurich, Hassli has been top notch in both the Swiss League and both the Champion's and UEFA Leagues. He's also a big man. 6'4 poses quite the threat at the ST position. There is no reason to believe that Hassli won't continue his great striking rate in both the MLS and BSL.

The 10th round selection for Alamo City is a man that MLS fans know well. He's a man that has produced very well for LA, Columbus, and Houston. He's just never been given the chance to play day in and day out. "It looks like Joseph Ngwenya will finally get that chance now that he's with DC United. He's been great everywhere he's been in the MLS and has finally landed in a situation that should see him finally get the playing time that his numbers suggest he should be getting. The forward situation is wide open at DCU and Ngwenya possesses the skill to take it over." Sure, DCU has question marks but of the available FW options for United, Ngwenya is the only one that simply needs time on the pitch in order to perform. The rest, have other issues to deal with and to overcome. "Honestly, Joseph just needs to be put on the field. He'll take care of the rest."

Friday, March 4, 2011

Alamo City Re-ups Another - Adds Young Striker

- San Antonio

Another Player Called Back to Action - Young Striker Looking to Make Mark

There's a few men back in action as the club makes the transition from Montgomery County to Alamo City. Next in line for that honor is Baggio Husidic. The young playmaker was one of, if not the most, consistant players for Chicago last year and the the (now) Alamo City management was glad to suit him up once again. "Baggio is a flashy guy that doesn't come off as flashy. He's a playmaker but he does more grinding out than a number 10 does. We love his play style and love what he contributes on the field. To say we're glad to have him back simply isn't doing Baggio the proper justice. We're ecstatic."

Following in the trend of young picks that Alamo City has been making in the recent rounds, Chad Barrett will join the club. Now, many are probably scratching their heads as to why Alamo City would snag Barrett when they've already got the #1 ST for LA on the roster. "Well, like we said before, everything is part of a bigger strategy. Barrett is one of the most promising young strikers in the league. In LA he's set up for success. Even if he stictly plays behind JPA he'll be a solid #2. He could very well end up being the 2nd striker on the pitch with JPA. One way or another he's going to get quality time and more than likely be an impact player for both the Galaxy and for us."

Battle Add Alvarez and Stolica

- San Antonio

Stolica Returns as Alvarez Aims to Deliver on Promise
Ilija Stolica joined both Major League Soccer and the BSL late last year. He immediately proved his worth by garnering 5 points (3 goals/2 assits) in just 13 starts. "He came on in the second half of the season are really helped our push up the table and into playoff contention," said Alamo City management. "Stolica was a very reliable man in terms of points and that's what you need up and down your lineup in this league. With a full season ahead of him we feel that he'll contribute a good number of points and help us just like he did last year. We're glad to have Stolica back with us."
Joining Stolica in the middle round madness, is Arturo Alvarez. The potential in Alvarez is what caught the eye of Alamo City. "We think he's a bit overlooked. He's still only 25 yet he's been contributing at a steady clip for 5yrs in the MLS. At worst, we'll get a steady season long performance from Arturo and benefit. Or, he could take a big stride forward this year and really start to break out. He's wearing an Alamo City shirt in 2011 for a reason people. With is versatility in the midfield he can wreak havoc. That's what we're planning on."

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Alamo City Adds Rimando - Folan

- San Antonio
Experienced Players Join the Battle

Nick Rimando is arguably the best GK in Major League Soccer. His argument is pretty convincing too. The credentials and big play ability that he possesses as a GK aren't matched by many around the world, let alone in the BSL or MLS. That's exactly why he will now be anchoring the line for Alamo City. "Kasey Keller did a tremendous job for us and we have nothing but respect and admiration for the man. Our draft position however, gave us the ability to not only better position ourselves but to also dictate the tone of each round. Everything we do is part of our strategy. Take a look at how teams responded after we selected Nick. It's all calculated and all for a purpose. Selecting Rimando in the 3rd Round opened a couple of doors for us later in the draft and our 4th Round selection is a prime example of just that."

The 4th Round selection would be the gamble for Alamo City this year. The club's management has garnered a bit of a pinchent for taking chances in the BSL Draft. Last year it was Collins John. "This year, it's Caleb Folan. The man has played at the highest of levels of both club and international football. He's got plenty to offer and brings an element to the game that many strikers in the BSL and MLS don't. He's athletic, AND big. He's not a Kenny Cooper or Conor Casey type. He can actually do the work himself. He doesn't have to be the target."

Both Rimando and Folan join an Alamo City squad that is shaping up to fall in line with the previous incarnations of the club. Among the best.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kamara Looking to Battle BSL With Alamo City

SKC Workhorse Heads to Texas

- San Antonio

16 points is what drew Alamo City to take Kei Kamar with the back end of their two, 2nd Round picks in the 2011 BSL Draft. 10 goals and 6 assists. "He's a workhorse. His big, strong, and fast. Last year he showed that he's not just a flashy player, and that he's dead set on coming full circle on all of his potential. With the way that SKC is set up this year Kei looks to be one of best suited to benefit from their line up. He can play on the wing, up front, or roam in the middle. He's got the skill set to do it all up front."

The Alamo City brass wasted no time in pulling the trigger on Kamara with the 18th overall pick. "As is always the case with us, our player selections all fit a purpose. You can see our vision with the people we pick to fill out our squad. Kamara is going to be a great addition for us."

Blaising Through the BSL

- San Antonio

Nkufo Makes Journey South

"You don't pass up proven goal scorers." That was the quote from Alamo City management just before announcing that Blaise Nkufo would be the club's first (of 2) 2nd round selection in the 2011 BSL Draft. "Just like JPA, Nkufo has sorched the net everywhere he's been. This might be the beautiful game, but when it comes down to it you've got to be a bully in a sense. You win by ripping holes through your opponent's net. Blaise Nkufo does just that."

His pedigree is second to none and the Alamo City management feel that Nkufo will have one more goal filled year in him in 2011. Lining up alongside JPA, Henry, and Ferreira ... Blaise helps to create quite the front end for Alamo City's lineup.