Saturday, January 30, 2016

Alamo City Retains Four Players

Giovani Dos Santos
The Mexican playmaker made huge waves in the BSL upon being signed last season by Alamo City.  He is easily the largest transfer to come into the league and Alamo's rival Capital District ensured that the Battle would pay the highest price in order to land what could be the biggest player in the BSL for years to come.

Obafemi Martins
You'll be hard pressed to find a more impactful and dynamic player than Oba.  Upon arriving in the BSL as the heir apparent to Alamo City's legend, Thierry Henry, Martins grabbed hold of the torch and started blazing his own superstar trail for the club.

Mauro Diaz
With vision and field IQ well beyond his years, the young Argentine playmaker has led the attack of one of the most potent clubs the last couple of years.  Returning to the Battle once again, Diaz is looking to gather some more hardware.

Mike Grella
A revelation for both the MLS and BSL last season, "Grelladinho" lit up the pitch.  Showing the talent that landed him in Europe for the early part of his career, the American came home and payed huge dividends for Alamo City who took the chance on him.  Using their Retention slot, Grella will get the chance to shine again.

3rd DP Slot acquired

Alamo City has reached an agreement to land a third DP slot in exchange for the club's second round draft pick.