Monday, August 6, 2012

Long and Winding Ride has Alamo City in Top Form

Battle Lead BSL With Two Matches Remaining

The season has been a long and trying one, but the Alamo City Battle find themselves in great position to close out the season. The playoffs have been clinched, the Major's Cup has been qualified for, and the Honors Trophy is within reach. All that remains is to close the deal. "We're in a position that we always figured we'd be in but haven't yet had the opportunity to experience. Yes, we've taken home the biggest prize but we've built this franchise to be among the best in the world. Taking home the Honors Trophy would be a giant step in making that a reality."

The 4-1 dominance of previous league leading Pennsylvania to give Alamo City a 3 point lead with 2 matches remaining sent a message on the heals of two very poignant matches prior. Gateway humbled Alamo two weeks ago with an 8 point outburst but the Battle showed their resiliency by bouncing back to take a 7-5 decision against Burud Town. The win against Pennsylvania followed to give Alamo an impressive 9 wins out of their last 10 matches. "Several things are within striking distance, and we're going to go full throttle here at the end. Plenty of hardware is there for the taking, but we've got to finish."