Monday, February 28, 2011

Alamo City Kicks off 2011 BSL Draft

- San Antonio

Juan Pablo Angel Is First Player Taken

The first ever draft pick by the re-branded Alamo City Battle FC is the best goal scorer that Major League Soccer has to offer. Juan Pablo Angel needs no introduction nor any reading off of his stats. His reputation is well earned due to his performance with whatever shirt he's worn.

"I'd like to say it was a no-brainer. Well, actually it was save for one opportunity that opened itself up here right before the draft. Honestly, we're probably surprising some people with this pick. When Charlie Davies was announced as signed by DCU he was probably figured to be the first pick. While we love Charlie and would absolutely love to see him in an Alamo City shirt, there are simply too many question marks surrounding him to make him the first pick in the draft.

JPA though ? Like we said, a no-brainer. Atletico Nacional (Colombia), River Plate (Argentina), Aston Villa (EPL), and NYRB ... he's spearheaded not only some of the best club teams in the world, but also some of their most impressive runs. As for himself ? 235 goals in his club career. He also boasts a scoring rate of just under 1g/2m played for the Colombian National Team (56m/27g). This man is a scoring machine and he shows no sign of slowing down. No body can match his production. He practically made the selection for us."

Angel will join DPs David Ferreira and Theirry Henry on the Alamo City squad. The reigning MLS MVP, a former World Player of the Year, and the best scorer in the MLS ? 2011 is already looking quite good for Alamo City.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rivalry Reborn

Alamo City and Capital District Announce New Name of Derby
The two inaguarl champions of the Bigtime Soccer League have come together to announce a new branding of their derby. With Montgomery County moving to Texas and re-branding to Alamo City, the NECC just didn't fit the two clubs any longer. The respective owners came together, and in conjunction with their primary sponsors, and came up with the BSL Classic.
"It represents the accomplishments of both clubs very well. We are pleased to move forward with this derby as both we and Capital District have the utmost respect for one another both on and off the field. The "classic" embodies all of that. Both Shiner and Canon will be co-sponsoring the BSL Classic and each sponsor has something special planned for the leg of the classic that they will "host."
As with everything else with the lineage of Montgomery County, the history of the Trophy will be kept. The trophy is the same that was used during the first two years of the competition. The history won't be broken or altered in any fashion. Coming into the season it is Capital District that holds the trophy.

Friday, February 11, 2011

- San Antonio

The Bigtime Soccer League has released the full schedule for the 2011 season. Your Alamo City Battle will be taking on newcomers Hillcrest United on the highly publicised "First Kick" weekend on March 15th. The full schedule can be viewed on the "schedule/results" page of the site. On facing a newcomer to the league for their opening match, Alamo City is all too aware of the pitfalls of thinking that that is a good draw.

"Take a look at last year. St Louis and Gold Coast. Those are your Honors Trophy and Majors Cup winners. They were both brand new to the league last year. Absolutely nothing is taken for granted here at Alamo City. We know we've got a very high profile past, but there isn't a page in our record books that is stamped with Alamo City ... yet. That is our aim. Looking over the schedule it's hard to determine anything because the draft hasn't played out yet. We can project a little bit given the pre-draft moves, but it is still to early to make any real comment. As always, we will be committed to winning every match on our schedule. Sure, it's a pipe dream to think it will actually happen, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be the goal."